Release & Restore

Release & Restore


Reclaiming Your True Self to Rise Beyond Divorce

Saturday, November 2, 10am to 5pm at Sfeer Studio in Chapel Hill

A daylong retreat of ritual, mindful movement, and community in nature designed to help you confidently reclaim your true Self and rise beyond divorce.

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Join other brave, passionate women in the divorcing process who are ready to release stigma and negativity around the end of a partnership and begin living a new wholehearted chapter of life.

You already possess the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to support your healing. You are coded with unique wisdom, capabilities and gifts to successfully create the life you’ve always envisioned for yourself. Sometimes, it just takes a big event — a massive clearing out — to wake us back up to the truth within and jumpstart our dreams.

Led by Nicole Quallen, founder of Two Families Healing and Two Families Law, and Lindsay Michel, yoga teacher and founder of Taproot Retreats, this workshop-style retreat is designed to acknowledge the not-so-pretty parts of divorce while empowering you to reclaim your truest sense of self. Nicole and Lindsay know from personal experience that the healing process of divorce is nourished by mindfulness, self-forgiveness, and supportive community. Gather with us to get back in touch with yourself and reclaim your story to move forward.

We honor where and how you have walked on your journey until now. We honor all that you will create, share and do. This retreat will provide you with sacred space and some potent tools to help you release what no longer serves you, get clear on what you desire going forward, and turn your dreams into reality.

What you’ll get

  • A full day devoted to self inquiry and self care (read: YOU time)

  • A nurturing, gentle, supportive space where you can show up fully

  • Ritual recipes to release what no longer serves you

  • Guided meditation and journal prompts to help you clear on what you want

  • Restorative yoga practice to tap your inner wisdom and fill your well

  • Connection to a sisterhood of brave women transforming their lives

  • Time in nature surrounded by gardens, peacocks, guinea hens, water and trees!

What you’ll need

  • Your favorite journal and pen

  • Comfy clothes that help you feel beautiful and allow you to move and sit with ease

  • A water bottle and/or mug

  • A nourishing vegetarian dish to share for our potluck lunch

Our deepest wish is that you walk away from this retreat feeling lighter, more supported and empowered to write your next chapter of life. Claim your space today — space is limited!

About the facilitators

Nicole Quallen and Lindsay Michel met in a women’s circle in 2017 and knew they were brought together for a reason. Both entrepreneurs who redesigned their lives after divorce, they are humbled and excited to share learnings and practices with other women going through the life-transforming process of divorce.