Join me for a retreat of a lifetime in Peru!

It’s hard to nail down the precise event that sparked the massive turning point of my spiritual awakening. But I can tell you with a deep certainty that travelling to Peru in May 2016 with a group of incredible colleagues at Quintiles was a big one.

A flip switched when I was sitting across from a shaman at Sacsayhuaman outside Cusco. Some big, yet forgotten, dormant part of me woke back up. I had no words at the moment, just tears. I cried, very quietly, alongside my professional colleagues, because I felt more at home, more connected to my ancestors and my Mother Earth than I had ever felt before.

I returned home, and everything started opening up for me. I began listening to my body. Running less and resting more. I signed up for yoga teacher training on a total whim. I eventually left my big corporate job.

And then, to my total surprise, I found myself back in Peru’s Sacred Valley last October. This time as a yoga teacher learning about the yin yoga and meditation from a world-renown educator, Tiffany Cruickshank. I scattered my grandmother’s ashes in the Andes, knowing full well it’s where she needed to be even though she’d never traveled there in this lifetime. I sat across from an Andean healer who told me I would return. With family. With friends and with students. To study, to grow and to teach. Because the Sacred Valley has a way of helping people remember who they are and why they are here. Because that place is part of me even though I don’t speak its tongue.

I can’t tell you exactly how the or why it all came together so smoothly, but, like clockwork, plans came together, and I will return to Peru May 21-30, 2020. With family. With friends and with students. With one of my most treasured friends and teachers, Angela Tara Hsu, to co-lead a retreat of a lifetime in the Sacred Valley!

So, I am quietly crying once again. Because this life is amazing. Because surrendering to its perfect, sometimes confounding flow is hella scary. Because I’m going back to one of my most favorite places in the entire the world – PERU – and you are invited to join!!!

Full details and registration can be found on my website. A $750 deposit reserves your spot, and full payment is due March 15, 2020. Angela and I plan to host a couple live Q&A’s on Instagram/Facebook. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact me or Angela with questions.




Lindsay Michel